Healing Spells

These spells were written by Lady Therese's candle magick students, and put on line with their permission. Please note that any magickal spell needs to be done according to your own abilities and preferences. If the spell is not to heal yourself, then you MUST HAVE THE OTHER PERSON'S PERMISSION!

Candle Healing Spell

by Brighid, copyright 2002

PURPOSE: Healing
MOON PHASE: Dark of the Moon
TIME OF DAY: 5th hour after sunrise
DAY: Monday
GOD/GODDESS: Bran -- Sirrona
INCENSE: Rosemary
OILS: Cinnamon
DURATION: 4 days

Take Ritual Bath with pinch of rosemary .
Get persons permission
Write the name of person in need of healing on blue candle.
Annoint it with Cinnamon oil.
Visualize healing energies flowing into candle.
Burn candle for 4 minutes a day.

While visualizing, say:

In the name of the goddess and god who breathes life into us all,
I consecrate and charge this candle as a magickal tool for healing.
Place the candle on top of a picture of the person in need of healing.
Light the candle.
As the candle burns, visualize the person in your mind, willing them the healing energies needed.

Chant these words four times:

Magick mend while the candle burns
Sickness will end and health will return.
Harm to none, So Mote It Be

When finished with the entire spell, dispose of stubs/ash in running water

5 Day Healing Spell

by Kwanni, copyright 1998

TIME: Waxing Moon
DAY: Thursday, 3 hours after sunset, 5 days before the Full Moon

List of materials
  • Blue altar cloth
  • Personal Astral Candle
  • 5 Blue candles, to represent health
  • 1 Green ribbon, 3 yards
  • 1 White candle for thank you candle (all candles can be tapers)
  • working candle

Set up the altar, using the blue altar cloth. Place the astral candle in the center of the altar and arrange the 5 blue candles in a pentacle fashion around the astral candle.

                                blue 1


                 blue 4        astral candle      blue 3

                          blue 2           blue 5

Now take your Ritual Bath.

Cast the circle in your usual manner.

With working candle, light the astral candle, saying:
"I light this candle that represents me, and all that I am."

Light the blue candle, starting at #1, saying:
"I light this candle that represents spirit, I ask for strength, healing and tranquility."

Light the blue candle #2, saying:
"I light this candle that represents earth, I ask for strength, healing and tranquility."

Light the blue candle #3, saying:
"I light this candle that represents air, I ask for strength, healing, and tranquility."

Light the blue candle #4, saying:
"I light this candle that represents water, I ask for strength, healing, and tranquility."

Light the blue candle #5, saying:
"I light this candle that represents fire, I ask for strength, healing, and tranquility."

Tie one end of the green ribbon to the blue #1 candle, then continue to #2, wrap around, then #3, then #4, then to #5, carefully creating a pentagram, while saying:
"Elements of power, heal me now, in my desperate hour, so mote it be."
Repeat until all the ribbon is completely wrapped around the candles.

Now sit quietly, focusing on the green ribbon, and candles seeing them come alive as a brilliant light surrounding you and getting rid of any ailment, healing you.

Repeat for five days, extinguishing the candles every day when done with the ritual. On the last day, if not finished, let the candles burn all the way out. (note: if you wrap the ribbon lower down, around the candleholders rather than on the candles themselves, then the ribbon won't catch fire.) If the ribbon does burn, place it in a flame proof container and then scatter the ashes at a crossroads. If the ribbon stays intact, you may place it under your pillow until the illness has passed. Then bury it in a shaded place where it will not be disturbed or dug up.

Light your white thank you candle and THEN FORGET ABOUT IT, release the magick, and let it do it's work.

Candle Healing Spell

by Arthur, copyright 1998

TIME: Full Moon

Materials needed:

  • Candle to represent person (male or female image candle is preferred)
  • A strand of your own hair, saliva, fingernail clippings
  • Photo representing the state of health you wish to attain (can be photo from magazine or of yourself as healthy)
  • 1 small candle in each of your Astral Colors
  • a healing oil, such as: sandalwood, lotus oil, pine, juniper, rosemary,(or can use a combination, or your astral oil)
  • a healing incense, to match your oil, or a healing combination.
  • a tool to use to inscribe sigils on your candle.

You can choose to do this before circle, or take the materials with you and do this within the circle.

Take your candle, inscribe on it runes or sigils that identify this candle as yours, such as your name, birthdate, sun sign, or if you have a personal sigil or sign that you use to represent yourself. Place your hair and nails on the candle, then, take the other two candles in your astral colors and drip the candle wax over the candle that has been inscribed. Drip the wax especially over the hair and nails to hold them in place. (If you need more information on this, see the file on making your astral candle.) Smear your body fluids onto the candle and then oil the candle in the same manner as dressing the candle.

While you are doing this, you should be chanting something like: "I am beautiful, I am strong, I am healthy, Illness is gone."

Keep chanting as you wrap your picture around the candle and secure it with more wax. Put this candle on something safe to burn it out all the way, maybe a plate, or extra large candleholder, so that when the picture and other peices catch the flame, this will not be a fire hazard. The candle should be placed on your altar.

If you have not done so already, take your ritual bath, and then cast the circle in your usual manner.

Burn the incense, and ground and center. You can stand or be seated, whichever is most comfortable for you. Begin opening your chakras and make sure you are properly well grounded before proceeding. Bring the energy up from the earth and feel it circling within your body. When you are ready, light the candle.

Chant and burn the candle. Direct the energy you are raising up through your third eye chakra and send the energy to the candle. Now, take the energy from the fire of the candle and feel it coming into your body and burning out all illnesses. Exchange the energy you raise with the purifying energy of the candle. Visualize your healing. Do this for as long as possible, according to your abilities.

When you are fully energized, or feel ready to move on, close your chakras, and let the candle burn out. Open your ritual space. Bury any wax left over in your yard. Be sure to drink lots of water also, as this will help to also cleanse your body. Remember, healing, like magick, doesn't take place in a vacuum - you have to do all you can on the physical level also.

Healing Spell

by Tharan Hawk copyright 1998

Timing: Waxing or Full Moon


  • 1 clay pot
  • fresh soil
  • coleus plant
  • miracle grow
  • 1 green candle
  • stones or shells from the sea
  • 1 bunch of sage

Cast your circle and charge all your items for a short while by candlelight. Annoint everything with your favorite salt water.

When all items are fully charges, start putting everything together. Line the bottom of the pot with stones, or shells from the sea. (salt represents healing and cleansing.) Fill the pot halfway with fresh clean soil. The plant your coleus and fill the rest of the way with more soil. Spread miracle grow in the top. Light the green candle. Smudge yourself with the sage.

Then say:

As this life grows healthy,
So does my body.
Fourishing and full,
My cells use Karate,
Defending me from,
All ills and disease,
No need for pills,
My suffering is eased.

Smudge yourself again before ending the ritual. Then visit with the plant for two more days, lighting the candle each time until it is used up.

This is a spell for a bad flu, or condition which may keep you out of work for a few days when you need to go and work through it. Of course, if you want to stay home, just call in sick, and stay in bed, and forget the spell.

Healing Ritual

by Miria copyright 1997

Timing: to be done at sunrise the day before the Full Moon.


  • a shell or stone with a hole through it. (Note: you must find this yourself at the ocean.)

On the day of the ritual (the day before the Full Moon) go to the beach and find a shell or stone with a hole through it. Be aware that you are making preparations to perform a powerful healing ritual. Know that you will use the five powers as well as your own healing power. Realize that the shell contains the healing energies of water, fire (Sun), Air, and Earth. Keep in mind that all four elements are found in the ocean.

Sit quietly and comfortably, sit close to the shore. Relax and breathe in the ocean air. Feel the life healing energy of the ocean cleansing, healing, powerful life force. Rejoice in the warmth of the morning sun on your body. Feel it's positive healing energies.

Feel the sand under your body. This is a great cleansing form of the earth element. Feeel the healing energy of the earth below and aournd you, healing you.

In front of you, draw a pentagram on the sand. (use your finger). Draw a rune of healing on each point. (This rune resembles a "Z") Place shell in the center.

Visualize the healing energy of this magic symbol going into the shell, for at least five minutes. This shell will now be used as an Amulet, and must be worn around your neck or kept in contact with your body at all times. Recharge each month when the moon is full, bu putting in a bowl with sand and sea water. Place this bowl outside, from sunrise to sunrise.

Draw another pentagram in the sand. Draw a "Z" at it's center. Invoke Danu/Dana until you have raised a lot of power. Do this for at least five minutes. Watch the incoming wves, and visualize and feel the power of the ocean healing you. As the waves go outward, feel them take your sickness away. Put a lot of power and concentration into this. Do for at least 15 minutes.

Thank the Deities and the elements.

See yourself as whole and healthy, vibrant and disease free. If you are bedridden, have sea water brought to you and do it all in your mind.

After three months, return the shell to the sea, to be cleansed.

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